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Technical / Re: Dual card slot saved me today.
« Last post by Jeff Behm on Today at 02:56:44 PM »
Look at the Lexar Pro series of card readers.  Currently I only have the CF USB3 reader because the iMac has a built in SD reader, and I didn't need another.  But I like the modular design and interchangeable readers concepts, as well as available 256GB and 512GB flash memory, all built to fit a housing that will handle USB3 readers of about 4 or more different types.
Technical / Re: Dual card slot saved me today.
« Last post by Todd Muskopf on Today at 02:13:26 PM »
I think it was a problem with the card reader.  I've got a Sandisk reader on that computer and the SD port never felt solid.

I'm going to pitch it and get a different one.
Running your business / Re: How do you marketing your retail products?
« Last post by Jeff Behm on Today at 09:17:55 AM »
In answer to your question, Duck, for several years I paid, my Wordpress host at the time under their Network Solutions flag, $100/mo to push blog SEO, and it worked quite well. They moved me to first page for food, jewelry and headshots within 2 months.  I only left when they started economizing by limiting the load speed of my blog, which was killing whatever SEO success I might have. Waiting 8-30 seconds for a page to load was deadly.  Now that I'm with Flywheel, I should investigate similar services through them.  I doubt they'll be as inexpensive as $100/mo., but if they're close, I may sign up.

Frankly, if there was a savvy person on this forum who wanted to create a service to handle this effectively for a number of us, I'd seriously consider buying in.  Someone who could demonstrably raise SEO and place us with the appropriate social media for our particular niche would be quite valuable.  The key would be tailoring the social media and content to the client.  I am completely baffled by Instagram and LinkedIn.  I go to my accounts with the best of intent and leave discouraged every time.  I hear that same thing often enough that I don't believe it's just me, either.  I think there's a market there, but whether it's both affordable for clients and profitable to a service provider is another question.

My experiments with these social media services have yielded differing effectiveness.  The same I successfully hired for SEO also has a FB posting program that costs about $200/mo that I tried for several months but with far less positive results.  Yes, they got me more likes.  But especially in commercial/advertising photography, FB isn't where art directors and buyers shop, and 'likes' are meaningless under those circumstances.  Maybe bridal, family and HS senior photographers would benefit, but I saw nothing to convince me to stay after 6 months.  They even refunded a couple months fees due to my lack of satisfaction, which was pretty decent.

When marketing was more hands-on and face to face than it's become in the age of the internet, I hired my own business/sales manager who dealt with clients, handled calls, suggested newspaper write-ups, managed open houses, called on prospects and recorded payments, did the billing, etc.  In those days they were on salary plus commission, but these days of down margins, I've tried finding a freelance rep without success.  There's a young woman trying it right now, but I'm not certain how diligent she is, and this is hard work.  She's already running a modeling agency I've used and we get along very well, but she seems to do well enough already that the motivation to do more for 33% of the fees may not be enough.
Running your business / Re: How do you marketing your retail products?
« Last post by Duck on Today at 12:01:17 AM »
Today's marketing seems to be in so many places it seems like a full time job just to market one's self.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, blogs, YouTube, emails, phone calls, pavement pounding...

I know there are several respected photographers in the 'limelight' that have managers to handle their marketing. Is this something anyone here has considered?
Running your business / Re: How do you marketing your retail products?
« Last post by Nanette Reid on April 27, 2017, 10:22:14 PM »
Sounds like a plan, Nanette, go for it.  I love the history of this Frederick area, dating back nearly as far as the earliest Virginia and New England settlements, so find lots here that inspires my historical interests.  Those are my most frequent FB entries, posted and shared on both my personal and business pages.  Then, when work images inspire a link to FB, I share the blog posts there, as well. 

Oh this sounds like a place I need to visit myself when I get the chance to return to the US! I'm already seeing lots of film possibilities from your description alone. ;)

I really should look at "Blog Posts" too - I just have no idea where to start (nothing worse than a boring post!!) :D
so wannabes are this ad's focus. No surprise
Technical / Re: Dual card slot saved me today.
« Last post by Jeff Behm on April 27, 2017, 09:00:54 PM »
Whew.  Two of my bodies are dual cards, a third is a single card. I always worried although I've had no problems.  But I use the dual card bodies almost exclusively.  Good to hear your good fortune.
Technical / Dual card slot saved me today.
« Last post by Todd Muskopf on April 27, 2017, 06:09:47 PM »
One of the cams I was using on today's session had RAWs going to the CF card and jpegs to the SD. 

I put the SD card in the reader and nothing came up.  I tried again, nothing.  I tried again and the computer says "this card needs to be formatted before using".

Tried it in a different computer, and it's all corrupted. 

Threw that card away and got the images from the RAWs on the CF.  A little more time consuming, but nothing lost.
They probably focused on seniors because it's what newbies want to learn. 

That's really what's hurting the senior market, the overwhelming hordes of "I can do those for you for free" people.  It could be a relative, or a friend, or a guy at their church, I've heard it all. 
A couple of posts in this thread about whether the niche for seniors is dwindling made me more aware of that niche when I see articles or mentions of seniors.  With that in mind, this email ad from Creative Live caught my eye today.  Made me wonder whether the instructor is A) moving from actually shooting seniors to teaching those who want to do so, and  B) if so, why?
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