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« on: August 24, 2017, 06:51:23 PM »

I have been looking for a specific website design / template for sometime, I am hoping you have come across it.  It is so simple I can't believe it's not out there somewhere.

Left hand menu throughout with image gallery to right.  Ability to full screen the images and browse.

No thumbnails or grids anywhere ever, only one photo on screen at any given time. 

No need for a cart / client area / proofing, etc, etc.

Just a few galleries and About / Contact pages.

I don't mind if it's on Wordpress as I can host the images for it on my Zenfolio site.

thanks! :)

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Re: Website
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 08:38:18 PM »
I check this site out often. It has a bunch of templates in various forms and the ability to view demos before purchasing.

I've purchased a couple and they were easy to tweak for my needs - like you I had a specific idea of what I wanted, and I think I've found it (finally!), just haven't had the chance to get under the hood to check it out fully. The demo matched what I needed a close as I could get to my "ideal", so that is a plus.

It adds templates regularly, so don't be disenchanted if it isn't there the first time around. From memory, I also looked at the "designer" as well as "photography" designs - sometimes those are closer to what you need.

The second one I'm about to work on is actually an architecture website template, but the design is much closer to what I want vs. the "typical" photography website. This is the preview for what I've recently chosen to update my site to:

I need to tweak it, but the basic outline is there, and I'm pretty capable of making changes to suit what I'm after. I have realised that the *only* way I'm going to get what I want exactly, it to have it designed professionally, but even then, the variety is so vast, it would take quite a while to narrow it down to what I actually have in mind. IN the meantime, I'll choose one that almost matches to what I want, and take it from there.

Good luck!!

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Re: Website
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2017, 10:27:15 AM »
Check out Smugmug. They have a variety of templates, gallery styles and other features. I use them for my portfolio site, They have all the typical gallery styles (thumbnails, square tiles, masonry collage, journal and slideshow) available to choose from and you can customize the menu location as well. I like mine at top and bottom but when I first set it up I had a left hand menu. I also used several of their gallery styles before settling on a more uniform look throughout.
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