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Technical / Re: Godox
« Last post by Jeff Behm on Today at 09:59:27 AM »
Like I said earlier, If I were starting my studio over today and knew what I've learned over 34 years at this, the Godox/Flashpoint system would be my choice, including over the costly Prophoto gear.  I hope you purchased Adorama, since they offer a 1 year warranty on their Flashpoint branded Godox gear, where Godox proper is much less helpful.  The gear is the same, however.   Depending on which flash modifiers you have, it may be that all you need to change is the adapter for the speed ring to move from the Buff-compatible to Bowens.  I switch speed ring adapters all the time, depending upon which system I'll be using. 

If you choose to sell off your White Lightnings, they can generate anywhere from $150-300 each, depending on the model and power, and help with having bit the bullet.   The advantages of HSS, second shutter sync, 100% wireless control and all the other tools of the Godox system make it a huge step forward.

If you're inclined to keep the White Lightnings to enlarge your capabilities, and tell us the models, I'm pretty familiar with the options available to help with remote power control, etc.. I've been using the White Lightnings since 1985 or '86 and have two Buff wired remote controls for power settings and on/off, both triggered wirelessly.  There's little reason you'd NEED to trigger them by camera flash, though it certainly works.

I'll suggest that you keep the WL, as I have, for in studio use.  Despite some limitations re: wireless control, etc, they have MUCH better modeling lamps than the relatively dim Godox LED's.  Yes, there are 3 brightness settings on the AD 600 LED, but when using battery power the light drains power more quickly, and still isn't that bright.  This can become important if you're working indoors under low light conditions - both for seeing and for focus.  Even though I have the A/C adapter for the AD600 and can use the LED 100%, it doesn't compete with the WL modeling (which can be set for proportional modeling to enable visualization of the lighting ratios - something else the LED can't do).  Just a thought.

Otto, if you look up "photography locations" on Facebook you will find lots of groups :)
Technical / Re: Godox
« Last post by Joe Federer on December 09, 2017, 07:37:26 PM »
Bit the bullet....   2 x AD200, 3 x 860II, 1 x xPro ...

... if we like it, might gets the AD-B2 and/or an AD-600 and some bowen modifiers so we can use the same system in the studio. (right now we use some old white lightening strobes that are 100% manual (litterally a slider on the back) and then triggered via optical flash from an on-camera flash)

I mistakenly relisted the ZTS tester link instead of the care and feeding article link.
Ditto the MAHA chargers. I think I bought them after reading Jeff's battery article years ago. :) They are excellent and reliable.
Thanks so much!!!
You are awesome!!! Thanks!
General Discussion / Re: Easy to use security cam question
« Last post by Duck on December 07, 2017, 08:13:53 PM »
Thanks for the info. I was talking with another photo friend of mine who mentioned her son uses a product called Canary that sounds exactly like what you mention (except it's a unit you purchase) but also has voice and alarm features. I'd never heard of it before but it sounds pretty much like all the features one would need for a surveillance system.
General Discussion / Re: Easy to use security cam question
« Last post by Sbuchanan on December 07, 2017, 08:04:58 PM »
We had a thing here a couple of years ago that sent me down this road. I use an app called manything. I use an old ipod touch (one that has a camera) for my web cam. You put a transmitter app on the ipod, and a receiver/admin app on your device. From the admin point you can set alerts, timings, motion detector etc. It works since we have only a couple of points we need to watch. If you pay for premium service the app will also store recordings from the camera.  We have it set to motion detection. IF the camera sees motion (a sudden change in scene,) it automatically begins recording and storing the data to the cloud. It also will send me a text message letting me know, and I can view the recorded video/audio.

The best is dialing in the time it needs to turn itself on as I kept getting pings everytime the dog would walk through the laundry room.
Running your business / Re: Large diffusion material?
« Last post by Sbuchanan on December 07, 2017, 07:58:55 PM »
Your best bet will likely be a drapery supplier. A quick google told me might work. Remember that any fabric will have a color shift that will change over time.  Your local fabric store may have it, but probably need to order it (mine did.)
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