Started in August 2009 the Professional Photography Forum was formed by a few photographers that had grown tired of other online message forums.  We knew that discussion forums are only as valuable as their members – and in a sea of “pro” forums overun by decidedly non-professional discussions — we knew we could create something better.

With one overarching mantra: “These forums will be what we make them” we set out to build a community specifically tailored to the professional photographer.  Discussion was focused on the business of photography; we hammered out an authentication system and created private forums where business models and pricing could be discussed without concern of prying eyes or future embarrassment; mutual respect is the rule and ad-homs were fiercely moderated.  Forum changes were run past the membership at large in order to truly make the site exactly what pros want, truly making it a resource for professional photographers, rather than a time-sink.

After almost 5 years, we are now one of the (if not the) most active professional-only discussion forum on the web and due to our tight moderation, our signal-to-noise ratio is off-the-charts.  We are looking to expand into real-life reviews of equipment and software as well as provide other, exclusive, tools for our authenticated membership.

I’m proud to say I believe we have succeeded in creating that better professional photographic community… and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Admin & Owner
The Professional Photography Forum



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